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Not for immediate use. Please allow up to 72 hours to receive tickets.

How it Works

Paintball Tickets is proud to work with Hope For Hansens and is offering tickets for donations. For a $10 donation you receive 1 ticket (Valued at up to $30), for a $50 donation you receive 5 tickets (Valued at $150), and for a $100 donation you receive 10 tickets (Valued at $300). The tickets include full day admission and equipment rental into parks across the country and in Canada. The average value of each ticket is $30 so by making a small contribution to this amazing organization, you will not only feel great knowing you are helping people in need, but you will also receive a significant value toward having a great time with your friends and family.

Hope for Hansen's is a public charity and a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing hope to those affected by leprosy and their families by providing basic necessities of life, new business financing and partnerships with the medical community. We are currently raising support for more than 1,000 families across 11 leper colonies in Hyderabad, India. In 2013 we have begun expanding globally into Mozambique, Africa, Dominican Republic and Haiti.

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How your donation helps

Your donation will go toward providing medical treatment, food and basic necessities of life, as well as financing through new businesses, which will help patients attain self-sufficiency and independence. Donating will also help us bring awareness of these needs to the international community.

Your donations will go toward the following efforts to help those effected by Hansen's Disease:

  • $480/year per patient
  • $40/month per patient
  • $100/year per child (Pre-K-10th)
  • $312/year per patient
  • $26/month per patient
  • $85 - Sewing Machine
  • $100 - General Store
  • $100 - Bangle Shop (bracelet shop)
  • $130 - Taxi (training and licensing)
  • $135 - Goats (one female and one male)
  • $165 - Vegetable Cart
  • $175 - Overlock Machine (detailed sewing)
  • $250 - Grinder Shop
  • $340 - Bicycle Repair Shop

Donate and get your tickets.